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  • Consistent Sales Growth
  • ​Optimizing Marketing Efforts
  • ​Efficiency Gaps

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I understand the dreams and aspirations that drive entrepreneurs. I've helped business owners remove major stumbling blocks to achieve their goals. 

Now, it's your turn to experience the transformative power of 
AI-driven coaching and accelerate your journey towards unprecedented success.

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  • Zero Cost 45-Minute Coaching Session with Letitia Bates
  • ​Create a Crystal Clear Vision for Rapid Business Success: Together, we'll unlock the full potential of your business and craft a clear roadmap to achieve your goals. 
  • ​Uncover Hidden Challenges Sabotaging Your Sales and Marketing Efforts: Let's delve deep into your business to uncover any hidden challenges that may be hindering your sales and marketing efforts. 
  • ​Leave Renewed, Reenergized, and Inspired for Accelerated Growth: Prepare to be invigorated! After our session, you'll walk away with a renewed sense of purpose and energy to propel your business forward. 
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What Organizations Are Saying:
“I found Letitia Bates to be very captivating. Right away, I noticed how attentive the audience was. You could hear a pin drop. Her delivery touched everyone on some level. Often times we do not like to discuss our trauma outwardly, because we wear many masks as people and do not like others to view us as vulnerable. Letitia showed us we can have peace during any storm." 
Susan Venable, Executive Director-Artis Transitions

“Letitia Bates is an exceptional speaker! Her presentation style is highly engaging, informational and interactive. Most importantly, she easily creates trust; connecting to the hearts and minds of the women in my group!”
Christina Kunkle, R.N. Wellness Coach-Synergy

“What an awesome experience of having Letitia Bates facilitate a session filled with energizing ah-ha moments for our group. Light blubs appeared above our heads as what was invisible became obvious. We learned so much in a short time and had plenty of strategies for takeaways. Her time with us was so helpful, we look forward to our next session!”
BJ Bryson, PhD, MSW-Sisters In Session

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Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM)

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 
Leadership Award (2019)

Letitia Bates is founder and CEO of At The Wheel Coaching. She is a dedicated AI Business Consultant with a passion for empowering business owners to reach new heights. With a focus on AI-guided strategies, she specializes in Change Management, Employee Wellness, Team Building, and 
Peak Performance.

Letitia is a Consultant, Speaker, Trainer. 

She's author of the #1 Amazon bestseller I CAN: 12 Keys To Achieve Personal Success In The SMARTEST Way

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