Breakthrough to 
New YOU!
When you're struggling with life's biggest challenges you need a way to Breakthrough.  The quickest way to do that is to shift your mindset.
Breakthrough Coaching
When you're faced with obstacles, the first thing to do is upgrade your mindset. A change in mindset transforms your approach to problem solving. Breakthrough Coaching aligns you with the solution: 
Transformation Tools
  • Process Trauma
  • Overcome Abuse
  • Resolve Grief
  • Shift Mindset
  • Boost Confidence
  • Enhance Performance
  • Eliminate Habits
  • ​Control Addictions
  • Maximize Productivity
What People Are Saying:
"An emotional issue that plagued me for three years was lifted…"
"Letitia Bates’ work with me has been phenomenal. She is keenly insightful, intuitive and wise, using warmth and humor at just the right times. An emotional issue that plagued me for three years was lifted after a brief time working with her!
Whether you find yourself needing emotional healing and or life coaching, freeing yourself to the fulfill your dreams, I totally recommend Letitia!"

Wendy Watros
Harrisonburg, VA
"… she connected the dots from things in my past that plagued me and I thought had been dealt with."
"I have to say that I am a skeptic especially when it comes to life coaches. It seems that today everyone is a life coach, but what is the true evidence of their worth?
With great pleasure I can say that Letitia Bates stands above the rest. I went to her because she came highly recommended. 
After just one session with her, you see immediate results and have clarity that money cannot buy. I am so grateful for the way she connected the dots from things in my past that plagued me and I thought had been dealt with.
 Her therapy is the “vacation” that your mind, body and soul needs."

Alesha Brown
Hampton, VA
"She will help you to gain a new and better perspective on the issues of your life…"
"Letitia's masterful tapping and coaching have made a profound difference in my life, and I am taking action to achieve my dreams and desires. Her style is fun, and she is insightful, perspicacious, and wise. She will help you to gain a new and better perspective on the issues of your life, so I would thoroughly recommend booking a session, or a series of sessions, with her."
Bruce Cartwright
Newry, United Kingdom
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Coaching Programs
Breakthrough Coaching is designed to help you overcome obstacles and Breakthrough to a New YOU! 
Engage in a step by step plan for purposeful living. Explore your next step to
Life On Purpose.
Grief to Gratitude helps you process the grief of your loved one and shift into the gratitude for the gift of their lives.
Explore the hidden emotional blocks that stop you from achieving your financial goals in Unlock Your Money Block.
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Letitia Bates
Certified Life Coach
57 S Main St., Suite 403
Harrisonburg, VA 22801
Meet Letitia Bates 
At The Wheel Coaching is a trauma informed life coaching practice. 
Letitia Bates is a certified life coach, master EFT tapping practitioner, meditation practitioner, and award winning speaker. She is author of the #1 Amazon bestseller I CAN: 12 Keys To Achieve Personal Success In The SMARTEST Way

Letitia believes in the power and resilience of the human spirit. She is passionate about her work with individuals, groups, and organizations to help them 
drive their lives to higher ground.
  •  Stress Management
  •  Emotional Intelligence 
  •  S.T.A.R (Strategies for Trauma Awareness & Resilience)
  • #1 Amazon Bestselling Author
  • Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM)
  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Leadership Award (2019)
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