"Keys unlock doors.
yOU must open them."
~Letitia Bates ~ 
Letitia Bates
Mindset & Empowerment Coach
Do you have what you want?
What if you had the keys to transform your life? 
What if you could achieve your goals?
What if you could tap into the best version of you?
The I CAN system, created by bestselling author,
 Letitia Bates, gives you 12 powerful keys to systematically unlock your potential. You'll be introduced to a powerful tool called Faster EFT tapping. 

Drawing on the wisdom of great thought leaders, along with practical life experiences, I CAN gives you the keys to achieve success on your terms!
 Life Coaching
Key #1: Identify
Part 1 of the I CAN system helps answer the question: 

Who do you have to be to achieve personal success?
 “How is a failure supposed to raise a 12-year-old girl alone?”  Devin asked this question as he struggled to deal with being a single parent. His life circumstance caused him to identify (Key #1) himself as a failure. He made the common mistake of confusing himself with his problem.
The first key in the I CAN system is to help you determine how you identify yourself. Your life challenges may have caused you to form limiting beliefs about yourself. I CAN gives you the keys to unlock your potential by helping you attend (Key #3) to the negative thinking that holds you back.
Key # 7: Actionable
 Part 2 of the I CAN system helps answer the question: 

What must you do to experience fulfilling success? 

Ally used the I CAN system to attend (Key # 3) to the distress of a divorce. 
Next, she crafted an actionable (Key #7) plan to pursue her passion. She used the exercises in Key #7 to set clear priorities to achieve her goal. By using the system keys, she learned how to take inspired action on a rewarding (Key #8) journey to her goal.  

The I CAN system helps you create significant (Key #5) and measurable (Key #6) goals. Key #7 makes the plan you’ve created actionable. Actionable plans mobilize you to complete the tasks necessary to achieve your goal.  

Do you want all the keys to effective goal setting? 
Do you want fulfillment as you reach for your dreams? 
Do you want to answer the big question explained in part 3

How do you have (actualize) personal success?

Don’t waste another minute. Discover the HIT version of yourself. Start using the keys to reach your goals and boldly declare: I CAN!

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